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We are Experts in all aspects of Electrical works for your office, retail outlet, restaurant, school and any type of commercial building. We work closely with you or your builders to produce a solid electrical installation that will last decades.


With many years of lighting control experience let us help make you building look great and also operate to its maximum efficiency. With the use of smart systems, sensors, switches and programming we can make the lighting control seamlessly integrate into the everyday use of your building.


As communications technology advances you need a trusted partner to lay down a solid communication infrastructure. With all the right tools, testers and training we can create a data infrastructure that will serve as a reliable backbone to all your communication needs.


Keep all your costs to a minimum by engaging us to do preventative and breakdown maintenance. With 25 years’ experience in all things electrical, we have a very high success rate in solving and repairing electrical faults.


Explore what energy saving solutions are available for your building and business. As technology progresses there are many new methods and products that will reduce the cost of energy. These cost reductions will start immediately and continue into the future making large $$$ possible.


As a special class Electrical Company we are able to help streamline your automatic machinery, processes and robotics so maximum production is achieved. PLC Control, AutoCAD electrical design, machine and process wiring, commissioning and maintenance, we offer the complete package.


Moving office, setting up a new office, consider access control to record who enters and leaves the building. Use CCTV to patrol all areas remotely and monitor high risk work areas. All modern systems allow external access making security much easier to use and monitor.